Monday, June 28, 2010

And so it begins...

Our group plays on Sundays, when most of us have the time to do it. So we met today to discuss the new campaign, the switch to Star Wars and who is involved. My plan seems solid, and at least of those players that were around today, we are excited.

We spent most of the time talking shop, talking about tweaks to Saga Edition and my tendency to run rules-light systems. And we talked about the advantages to the Era of the Sith Wars, the possibilities for playing in that era versus the Expanded Universe. And the three players that are there began the character creation process, picking a species and the initial class. All in all, a productive session even if there was very little playing.

I've begun work on the campaign page on Obsidian Portal, and it mostly contains GM-only information. Having never played with a wiki before, it is proving rather tedious.

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