Friday, June 25, 2010

To Pre- or not to Pre-Gen

Forgive the horrible pun of the title.

I find myself subject to an internal debate at the moment. Should I make pre-gen characters for this one-shot? Or should I have the players create their own and adjust the level accordingly?

In this Star Wars adventure, the PCs are investigating a string of disappearances involving Force-users in several systems along the Outer Rim. If I make pre-gens, its ultimately to send those particular characters to an unpleasant fate. And yet, that might deter the players if I don't handle the story right.

Perhaps I doubt my own skills as a storyteller, but I'm also of the idea that allowing the players to make their own characters, to have them taking their first steps as Jedi Knights or some such would involve them more in the story. Maybe this is their first mission unescorted, they have passed their proving.

And in other, yet related, thoughts. I had originally thought that the players would be investigating a colony amidst a large asteroid field. Now though, I'm thinking that it is actually a planet, albeit a hazardous and ill-tempered one. Harsh and unforgiving, but with evidence of an old civilization. The only commerce and life that remain on the planet mine for gasses and minerals underground, living in shielded colonies. A greater potential for story, I feel.

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