Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I'm Doing Now

I play in a gaming group that meets once a week. We met over the internet, all searching for a D&D4E group in San Francisco. And as it turned out, we all liked each other pretty okay. Our game has gone on for a few months, but a few of us have switched characters and we found ourselves switching up our DM.

The mantle of DM has now fallen on me. Well, not fallen. But I find myself in the mood to tell stories, and to lead that shared experience that captured me as a kid. I've been writing short stories lately, and I keep switching genres and styles. Trying on new outfits, see what works for different tales. And I want to do that with gaming too. Play with different systems, in one shots. See if something catches the rest of the groups attention.

So my plan is to write one-shots or a few miniseries for various systems. I'm looking at 4E, Fading Suns, Star Wars Saga Edition or d20, and 7th Sea. I have a few ideas, I'll roll them all together and I'll ask the group what they feel like doing.

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