Wednesday, July 14, 2010

For the sake of it...

Ah Wednesday. With the weather, it should be more like Thor's Day. Bah, who am I kidding, this is San Francisco. There is no weather. There is only Schroedinger's Weather.

Wednesday has called upon me to be a posting day. A day in which I discuss things.

I'm working on planning the next Star Wars session. We may or may not be getting a new player this week, though I'm sure he'll fit very nicely into the group. And when last we left, my players were trapped between a Droid Rebellion and a very hard place. Intrigue wheels will spin, new details will be provided, and my players must determine how to get out of the ghost rock mines alive.

I'm getting ever closer to beginning actual work on the novel. That is, the actual writing part. I've nailed down most of the setting details at this point, and from there can move on to characters. In the meantime, I'm attempting to finish a sci-fi story that also threatens to turn itself into a novella. Whatever shall I do?

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