Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wiki Wiki!

Oddly quiet, these last few days. I've been a bit crazy, between happenings at work, friends visiting town and planning my next game session. Oh yeah, and in theory, writing a few short stories and a novel.

But then, perhaps I have no excuse. I'll never be taken seriously as a blogger if I can't even update my blog. But then, do I really want to be taken seriously? I blog about gaming, writing and random other strangeness.

But I digress. What I have been working on, if slowly, is my Obsidian Portal wiki for the campaign. Which can be found here:

I've read quite a few articles regarding Obsidian Portal and its worthiness as a GM tool. And while I agree, there are two distinct downsides to it. One, that the coolest stuff costs money. And two, that I often find myself too lazy properly devote the time to building the wiki.

But it is a fine way to keep track of towns, taverns, continents and planets, as well as keep a log of your sessions. Plus all those pesky NPCs that you make up on the fly, only to have become important later. So that is what I'm working on, because I think my players will appreciate it. And so that I can keep all my notes in one place.

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